We all love to watch things blow up. I used to think it was just guys, but nope, I admit it. I think it's pretty cool too, just as long as no one gets hurt!!!  I guess it's related to that rubber necking phenomenon, you don't really want to see destruction, but you just can't help it! So, get ready and check out some videos of things blowing up!

8. Chemical Plant Destroyed

A chemical plant in Nevada goes up in flames. There is a rocket fuel storage area inside. It explodes and is gone in a flash.

7. Explosion On The Sun

This one is from NASA. This explosion is pretty creepy.  Luckily, the Earth is at a good distance from the sun!

6. Japanese Volcano Explosion

This is one is of the volcano Mt. Sakurajima in Japan.

5. Extreme Makeover: Explosion Edition

I usually don't watch ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.’ But this is a cool video of an exploding home. Yes, the best explosion is a controlled one!

4. Downtown Detroit Explodes

The video is from the filming of the new ‘Red Dawn’ movie.

3. Speed Channel Blows Up A Car

Leave it to the "Stuntbusters" on the Speed channel to show us how they blow up cars in the movies.

2. Oil Tanker Explodes

My husband loves the show "Destroyed In Seconds" on the Discovery Channel. Check out this oil tanker that caught on fire. Yikes!

1. Train Explosion

Don't worry this isn't a passenger train. This trail derails, with seven of its eight cars carrying some sort of oil. Watch at the 1:00-minute mark for a Big Ol' Explosion!!