Last year, during the hoopla surrounding the release of Led Zeppelin‘s Celebration Day concert film, the band’s surviving members were asked constantly about the possibility of another reunion.  But the rock legends didn’t give fans much hope for the possibility of such an event, and Robert Plant seemed particularly annoyed when fielding questions on the subject.  But now the singer may have changed his tune.

In a new television interview with Australia’s version of 60 Minutes, Plant seemed to imply that he’d be open to a Led Zeppelin reunion sometime next year, as long as guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones are agreeable to it.

During the segment, reporter Tara Brown mentions that the lauded frontman has been perceived as the one who’s stood in the way of the band getting back together, but Plant suggests that isn’t the case.

“The two other guys are both Capricorns and they keep [quiet].  They don’t say a word,” he declares.  “But they are quite contained in their own worlds and they just leave it to me to [be the bad guy.]  I’m not the bad guy.”

Brown responds by telling Plant that he is the bad guy “for all those Led Zeppelin fans who love you to say, ‘Yes, we’re re-forming.’” Plant replies, “Well, then you need to speak to the Capricorns, ’cause I’ve got nothing to do in 2014.”

Also during the interview, Plant discusses Led Zeppelin’s one and only visit to Australia in 1972, when he says a Perth police officer showed up in his hotel room looking for evidence to help get the band kicked out of the country.  In addition, he talks about the group’s breakup in the wake of drummer John Bonham‘s death, his solo career and Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion show, among other topics.

Plant will be heading to Australia next month as part of a spring tour with his new group The Sensational Space Shifters.  Check out all of his upcoming dates at Robert