Paul McCartney made his first-ever appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. He chatted with Jimmy Kimmel inside the late-night host's studio, then performed a free concert on Hollywood Boulevard.

Much of the interview centered around Sir Paul's days with The Beatles. He recalled the origin of "I Saw Her Standing There," which he said was the first song he and John Lennon wrote together.

Paul said in their younger days, he and George Harrison would go to dances and be too reluctant to ask a girl to dance with them. He said that after the call for the "last waltz," they'd get up "and there'd be no time for anything because the girl would go home and we'd blown it."

When asked if any unreleased Beatles recordings exist, McCartney mentioned the instrumental "Carnival of Light," which he described as "very far out." Kimmel joked that the fans "can handle that," adding, "We'll just do a bunch of drugs and go crazy like the old days."

The interview began with Paul sharing with Kimmel a recurring dream he has involving The Beatles that puts a scare into him. He said, "I'm there, you know, let's say with The Beatles, we're playing and the audience starts to leave. What do we do, what do we do, quick, quick, I don't know, 'Long Tall Sally,' 'Long Tall Sally.'" They're still leaving. I wake up in a cold sweat."

Paul then got a laugh out of the studio audience by conceding he's never actually seen a crowd at one of his concerts file out in the middle of the performance.

Paul didn't have to worry about his fans deserting him on Hollywood Boulevard, where he staged a concert that was streamed on The Jimmy Kimmel Live! broadcast featured performances of "New" and The Beatles classic "Lady Madonna."

New will be released on October 15.