Usually, our Hot Mess of the Day is a funny fake profile, but there's nothing fake about Kay, who was featured on TLC's 'Extreme Cheapskate.' Check out Kay's weird-as-all-hell strategy for saving $250k by year's end.

Location: Harlem, Manhattan

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant who hasn’t bought toiletries in ten years.

Hobbies: Dumpster diving, sleeping on used yoga mats, taking online surveys to earn gift cards, testing products for free samples, and taking part in medical trials (most recently for the herpes vaccine).

5 Things She Can’t Live Without: We can't think of a single thing, based on what we've seen.

Skills: Budgeting. Per month she spends $15 on food, $0.17 on toothpaste, $237 on her Harlem condo, $1,000 on her 401(k) and $0 on clothing. She saves $4,000 per month.

Her Thoughts on love: 'I’ve been in a relationship where I stayed because I was getting freebies and gifts, but I got out of it. It’s better to be single and dumpster-diving than to be with someone you can’t stand.'

Her motto: "If I took a dump then I also grab soap, wipe myself down with the soap, then I take the water and rinse off the soap." (This is not her actual motto, but she did say it.)


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