Now if the other two surviving former members of CCR would agree then it just might happen. Fans got excited last year as John Fogerty Hinted of a Possible Reviving of Creedence Clearwater Revival Last year. John Fogerty said he was finally ready to consider a reunion with CCR after years of quarling

"If someone started talking [about a reunion], I’d sit still long enough to listen," he told the Calgary Herald in July. Unfortunately, fellow surviving CCR founders Doug Clifford and Stu Cook didn't seem too receptive to comments made in an interview with the U.K.'s Uncut.

Still, in a new Rolling Stone Q&A, Fogerty says he will continue to leave the door open for potentially playing again with his former collaborators."I still feel the same way," he maintains.  "I have since seen a couple of things that the other two guys from the old band have said in the press.  Oh well.  I guess they're still mad. That doesn't change how I feel."

Meanwhile, Fogerty has a new album coming out in the fall titled Wrote a Song for Everyone that will feature the revered roots rocker collaborating with a variety of stars from different music genres.  One of the biggest names appearing on the collection is Bob Seger, who recorded a version of the Creedence classic "Who'll Stop the Rain" with the singer/guitarist.

Fogerty had nothing but praise for his fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, saying, "Bob is one of my favorite all-time singers.  He still sounds great.  He's a really lovely person, a very sweet guy."

The ex-CCR frontman also is preparing to hit the road for a lengthy Canadian tour in September during which he will perform the classic Creedence albums Cosmo's Factory and Bayou Country in their entirety, like he did at a handful of other recent shows in New York, New Jersey and Australia.

He tells Rolling Stone that playing those special shows "turned out to be a really wonderful idea," adding he may throw other CCR albums into the mix or even some of his solo efforts. Fogerty's concert schedule also includes some U.S. dates sprinkled throughout in June, July and August, and a European trek that's will take place during the early summer.