Def Leppard has been on tour this summer but had to delay some shows and now we know why.  Joe Elliott's father had a heart attack back in April and suffered two more since then. His father, Joe Elliott Senior, passed away recently. Joe was at his father's bedside when he passed. 

Def Leppard's tour manager Malvin Mortimer wrote a wonderful tribute to Joe Senior. He writes about what happened and how important Joe Senior was to the success of Def Leppard:

When Joe recently heard that his dad’s condition had deteriorated severely he had to think seriously about his next move. We had already arrived at the next show when the news arrived. Joe decided to go home to support his father and mother but he insisted on doing the show that night in honor of his father: a tribute to the person who, had he not supported and financed his son and his friends, then Def Leppard, as we know them, might never have been - and we might never have had the pleasure of listening to the music that spans more than 30 years from a group that has survived amidst great challenges and against all odds.

You can read the tribute in full at:

Our sincere condolences to Joe Elliott and his family.

Def Leppard is scheduled to perform in Dallas at Gexa Energy Pavillion next week July 20th. You can get ticket information at: