If I had $1.5 million to blow, I would buy a vacation house on St. lucia... NOT spend it on a luxurious cruise! But if that's your thing, start saving now, ‘Six Star Cruises’ is offering a $1.5 mil vacation with all the bells and whistles for the rich and famous.

What do you get for $1.5 mil?

You don't have to get your friends to drop you off at the airport, because a personal helicopter will land in your backyard and take you off to a private jet.  The jet features a lounge, bedrooms, gold-plated fixtures, and a dining room serviced by a Michelin rated chef.  Then, you will be taken in a chauffeured Rolls Royce Phantom directly to the Silversea’s Silver Whisper Luxury Cruise.

It's a 124-day luxury cruise, leaves Los Angeles, and visits 28 different countries. Including the Maldives, New Zealand and Malaysia.  The ship provides 24-hour dining, entertainment, and luxuries that are required by your every day billionaire.  Get this...  They serve a very rare Da Hong Pao tea, it's harvested from a thousand year old plant.  This tea costs over $3000 per kilogram.

Each “public” deck has a personalized butler service and the the Royal Suites have two bedrooms, two full marbled bathrooms, a separate dining area, a veranda and a bar.

Don’t worry about the millionaires... they won't stay all cramped up on the luxurious ship for the entire time. They will spend four nights in a suite on Sunset Island, Miami, and four nights in the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Los Angeles.

It's true, you can't hide money, and when you have enough of it... you shouldn't even try.

[Via Born Rich]