All Hallow's Eve is upon us and was just thinking back to when I was a child in 1975 and flashed back to seeing this show for the first time. "Welcome To My Nightmare" was the first video that scared the Candy Corn out of me. Coincidentally I saw it again in 1979 on none other than "The Muppet Show".. Yes The Muppet Show actually invited Alice Cooper to host their Halloween edition in 1979. by then I was 12 years old but that time when I watched it. the Muppet show made it seem not so scarey, of coarse by that time I was already chewing teeth on Heavy Metal which had desensitized me to just about all my fears. I have made it a point to watch this every Halloween. A toast goes out to Sir Alice Cooper, You were the first rocker that scared the hell out of me. RIP Vincent Price, That's another story we'll talk about tomorrow.