The Bulldog 100 is no more. I would be lying if I said we didn't see it coming, but still, it's a shame. We were very proud to have been a part of this event for all these years, and even more proud to have been associated with the fine people that started the whole show in the first place.

When the original organizers of this event were no longer with the college, all of the teams that have been involved for so long, felt it was just a matter of time. The new college administration believes that instead of the Bulldog 100 for the "Rising Star Scholarship", a golf scramble for the Texarkana College Foundation is a better way to go this year, and we hope they do really well with it.

We have been competing in the Bulldog 100 with some really great people, and local companies that supported this event to benefit the "Rising Star Scholarship" program at Texarkana Community College... 1000's of local kids have received the scholarship from proceeds raised, and we are absolutely tickled about that.

For the last 5 years we have been the Bulldog 100 defending Media Cup Champions, something that our team members over the years are extremely proud of, and I am proud of them for it... All of them, our members from what used to be Alcoa, the guys that came over from the city, and all of our friends and co-workers from our sister stations Power 959, and Kicker 1025.

The first year we participated was a rough start for us, all we really knew about small engines, we had learned from Carl in that "Slingblade" movie... that's how we first met the Alcoa Team. They were in a camp-site over from us, and took our broken cart, and did some creative welding, and got us back to racing.  (That's when our alliance was really formed... because we broke a lot of stuff in races after that and they fixed it.) We became good friends with the City of  Texarkana Texas Team over the years, and were thrilled to have them join our group, when the city decided to pull their support for the Bulldog. Then, with Alcoa closing, our friends on that team hated the idea of not being able to support the Rising Star Scholarship anymore, just because their jobs were gone... That's how we ended up, with what I think was the absolute best team in Bulldog history! "The Eagle City Alcoa Team"... kind of a family really, so I also want to mention what an honor it was for us to be able to race in memory of our good friends that went on home to the lord over the years too... Jerry Caylor and Keith Ozymy.

I also want to thank our company for letting us participate in this event, and investing so much into it, from buying spare tires, and parts to renting generators and fans to help keep the teams cool in the heat. We also appreciate you letting us add the additional cars, and team members over the years and for all of the advertising and money you invested in the event with bringing race cars, and "Sparky" from Texas Motor Speedway... Thank you.

I've put together a photo gallery below, of just a few of the photos taken at the Bulldog 100 over the years. They're not in any particular order, and there are lots more on our FACEBOOK PAGE if you would like to take a look.

(Full disclosure: This blog post was censored by KYGL management, because Jeff  still has some pretty raw feelings about how all of this shook out... thanks.)