"Daddy is trying to kill us and I don't know why" were the words from 34-year-old Robert Moorhead's son after the man rammed into the boy's mother's vehicle with his truck.

It all started when Robert Moorehead and his pregnant girlfriend Mace Johnson were out riding around at Lake Gladewater and he spotted his ex-girlfriend Brittany Henry and her new boyfriend with another lady and four children, including Moorehead's son. When Henry saw Moorehead she called the police and the group left the lake with Moorehead in chase. Moorehead with Johnson in his passenger seat began ramming Henry's vehicle, trying to run her and the others in the SUV off of the road. Henry pulled over at an EZ Mart Store and Moorehead continued to lead police in a high speed chase. Moorehead was eventually apprehended, but not before ramming into a Texas DPS Patrol Car.

There is no way I can share this story and not include a song from my favorite Gladewater based band "Junior".