Last Sunday morning there were a couple of drunk driving accidents that injured three people and killed one... the thing is, with this story, we have now heard one of the dumbest things to ever come out of a drunks mouth.

The first accident happened at 1:30 in the morning outside of Palestine in East Texas.

Some guy was out drinking and driving, crossed the center line, and hit an oncoming car head on. This is the crash that unfortunately killed 1 and injured 3 in the other car.

Authorities called in a Life Flight Helicopter to get the injured to a hospital.

Then, along comes 27 year old Matthew Mitchell... and he was drunk.  As he approached the scene, he sees all of these emergency vehicles, and flashing lights, and it just confused him.

Long story short... Matthew crashed in to the helicopter, bu t because of his slow speed it didn't do to much damage, and was still able to take off to get the victims to the hospital.

The cops pulled Matthew out of the car and told him that he had crashed into a helicopter, and he asked them... here it is... "Why was the helicopter flying so low?"

Both of the drunk drivers got DUI charges, and the one that caused the first crash has also been hit with manslaughter charges.