We can't believe we are just now finding out about this...(drunk.)  Tommy Shaw and Ted Nugent had a "Damn Yankees" Reunion of sorts, and rocked it up together with "Coming of Age" in Bangor Maine last weekend.

Ted Nugent, Styx, and REO Speedwagon are on the road with the "Midwest Rock'N'Roll Express"... (I'm no mapmaker, but Maine was waaaay past MIDwest when I was in school.)  BUT... this show at the Bangor Waterfront Pavillion was the first time Ted and Tommy have performed together since the supergroup disbanded, and It is AWESOME... watch.

When this tour ends, Terrible Ted kicks off "The Great White Buffalo Tour" August 25 in Dallas Texas.

(I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Damn Yankees Reunion - FULL BAND - and if it happens, I will work tirelessly to bring them here, if you can kick in a few bucks for tickets... and maybe a couple of hotel rooms, or a limo... something...???)