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How To Make Spiral Hot Dogs for Memorial Day [VIDEO]
The grill is going to be fired up this weekend as we kick off summer with Memorial Day Weekend. Hot dogs will of course be on the list. I posted this video a few years back and it is so worth it to revisit. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the spiral cut hot dogs.
Cook Smart, Eat Smart Series Continues at University
The first Cook Smart, Eat Smart class was so successful that it has been extended to offer the rest of the series of classes.  According to a press release from the University of Arkansas at Hope. Each session contains several basic cooking techniques and other topics related to eating and prep…
Pizza Toppings – The Good And The Bad [POLL]
Pizza, who doesn't love pizza? If you think about it pizza can get personal. There are tons of different toppings and everyone has a preference. Plain and simple my favorite pizza topping is pepperoni. It seems today the big trend is to re-invent the pizza with different toppings.

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