I know the sweetest puppy that needs a home, and it breaks my heart to think what would happen if I can't help find her one.

First, I would like to make it clear, that I would love to make her my own, but with Cletus D. Wonderbeagle getting as old and worn out as he is, he would not be able to handle a puppy right now.

She was dropped off with Dr. Stacey at Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital by a man that just wanted her put down, but there is nothing wrong with this puppy, except being a puppy that needs a little attention to learn.  Dr. Stacey asked if she could try to find her a home first, and the man said he didn't care.  So, she has been keeping her at the clinic.

Here's the kicker... Dr. Stacey is just weeks away from having her second child, and we need to find a home immediately.  We do NOT want to take her to the shelter, as black dogs are very rarely adopted, and this puppy is too sweet to be euthanized for no reason.

She has been treated, vaccinated, and well cared for, but has not been spayed.  (We will help with any costs to do that if you like.)

If you have been thinking of getting a puppy, she is a GOOD ONE, and we can save you all of those "adoption fees", etc... but we have to act fast.

Call 903-838-6565 if you are interested or have more questions, and I personally thank you for your consideration, and any help you can offer for saving this precious life.