Those of you who have a foot fetish... your week just got a lot more interesting.  To everyone else... I apologize?

The "Scientific Journal of Dermatology" has just reported on the first-ever known case of Supernumerary Breast Tissue appearing on a foot.  In case you don't specialize in insider dermatologist terms, let me spell that out for you...

Doctors found a NIPPLE growing on a woman's FOOT.

The woman is 22... the nipple is on the bottom of her foot... she's had it since birth... it's about four centimeters wide... and it doesn't cause her any pain.  And no... we DON'T know if it gives her any pleasure.

Supernumerary Breast Tissue itself isn't super-rare.  It's also called SBT, or 'pseudomamma'.  I'm not kidding.  (Best medical term ever?) Doctors say they've seen cases on the back, shoulder, face, and thigh.  But this is the first foot.

The nipple comes complete with breast tissue, areola, and hair.