We saw this on Facebook yesterday, and were just shocked at the thought of such a tragedy befalling one of our furry-kids. A police officer in Austin Texas was responding to a domestic disturbance call when he went to the wrong house, and shot an innocent dog... WITH NO APOLOGIES!

Michael Paxton of Austin, said that he and his dog Cisco were playing around in the backyard with his frisbee when he went to get something from his truck.  As he went towards his truck, that was parked in his driveway, he noticed something in the corner of his eye.  He looked up and it was an Austin cop, he drew his gun and ordered Paxton to put his hands up.

Mr. Paxton says that he heard Cisco, a small Australian Cattle Dog, barking and running towards him from the backyard. Probably from hearing the voices out front. (My dog barks and runs, and gets all kinds of excited when someone comes over, then pees on tires.)

Paxton told ABCNews,

I said, 'Don't shoot him. Don't shoot my dog. He won't bite you.' But he shot him, just like that. It all happened in under 30 seconds," Paxton said. "There was no attack on the officer other than barking and challenging him.

According to the dash-cam video, it doesn't sound like Paxton even had a chance to get all of those words out, before the officer fires his weapon.

Corporal Anthony Hipolito told ABC News that dash-cam footage shows the dog barking, and attacking the officer. He went on to say,

The officer was basically in retreat and asked the owner to grab the dog, He was unable to and the dog continued to attack and that's when the officer discharged his firearm.

(I think he should have watched the video first, because I call Bullshit! Then the officer LIES to his supervisor at 8:54 into the 'rough video' about how it all went down!)

Take a look for yourself. Here's the rough video and ABC News story below.

The Facebook page "Justice for Cisco" now has more than 40,000 supporters.