Are you keenly aware of your surroundings, who's nearby, what they might have in their hands? You should be.

The "Knockout Game" takes a monumental leap in a really bad direction when a thug carrying an aluminum bat inside a Fort Smith, Arkansas Walmart chooses a victim seemingly at random, and lets her have it. As the report states in the video she's going to be ok, luckily.

Are you prepared for truly random violence like this? Is your wife? Your daughter? Or are you walking around with blinders like a cell phone in your ear, or texting as you walk? A lot of people laugh when I tell them I'm taking self defense training, or that I conceal carry. That's fine, let 'em. I hope I never need the training I have received, I pray I will never actually have to shoot someone in self defense... but if I have to, I will.

If you're one of those that walks through life believing that this kind of thing never happens to  you, I'm willing to bet the poor woman in this video used to think the same thing, I'll also lay you odds she doesn't think that way anymore. She was very lucky, the next victim may not be.

Take off the blinders, prepare yourself, be vigilant and hope it pray you never have to use what you've learned.