If you've ever wondered what Nirvana's first record contract looked like, all you need to do is go online. The group's first label, Sub Pop Records, has posted the original contract that they presented to the band back in 1989 on their Tumblr blog.

The document features the band's early lineup of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic whose name is misspelled as Chris, Chad Channing and Jason Everman.  The contract lays out an initial one-year term starting on January 1, 1989, with options for the next two years.  The agreement offers the group a $600 advance for the first year, a $12,000 advance for the first year option and a $24,000 advance for the second year.  The contract also requires the band to deliver three complete album-length master tapes, with one tape to be delivered on each of the option years.

While Sub Pop put out Nirvana's debut album, 1989's Bleach, the group left the label for Geffen/DGC before releasing their landmark 1991 album, Nevermind.

In addition to checking out the contract, you can also watch the director's cut of the video for Nirvana's hit single, "Heart-Shaped Box."  While the video isn't very different from the original, director Anton Corbijn threw in some extra footage of the large woman in the muscle suit and the girl in the white robe.

The "Heart-Shaped Box" director's cut video will be part of the goodies included in the upcoming 20th anniversary Super Deluxe edition of In Utero, which arrives in stores and online at digital retailers on September 24.  That package also boasts more than 40 previously unreleased demos, rehearsal tracks, B-sides and live performances spread out over three CDs.  In addition, the set includes a DVD that features Nirvana's complete "Live and Loud" concert recorded on December 13, 1993, at Pier 48 in Seattle, as well as 12 additional performances culled from the group's European concerts and TV appearances.