The Texarkana, Ark., Police Department wants to prevent you from becoming a victim of vehicle burglary. The department has released some tips on how to ensure you don't become a victim.There are certain locations that burglars look to see if you leave valuables in your vehicle. Those places include shopping centers, grocery and department stores and sporting events for example, plus areas that have low light street parking.

Many thefts from vehicles also come from unlocked cars. If you are running into the store for a moment that is too long to leave your vehicle unlocked. Simply locking the doors will deter those who are waiting for an easy target. Lock your doors!

Expensive personal items visible from the outside, full shopping bags, could be seen as a reason to break into your vehicle. Move items to the trunk or the covered cargo area of an SUV. Keep the inside clean of your vehicle and neat.

Get in the habit of putting your shopping bags and valuables in the trunk when you return to your vehicle rather than after you park at your next stop.

Park close to store entrances in well lit areas whenever possible and always carry your keys to your car in your hand. If you feel threatened and your vehicle has a panic alarm, push the button to activate the alarm to draw attention.

Always watch to see if you are being followed or observed walking to your car.

A few small steps can likely keep you safe and keep you from becoming another statistic as far as vehicle burglaries are concerned.