Why has a new food line caught my fancy? I'm happy to tell you!

I love food, but not at the cost to the environment. Recently, on a trip to Whole Foods Market in Plano, Texas, I came across Three Sisters cereal. What caught my eye was the statement on the resealable bag which says, “Ditch the box and save a tree! Made using renewable energy.”

I love to recycle. In fact, my husband would say I am fanatical in this regard. So exactly how are these bags made? Well, all I needed to do was turn the bag over to the other side and find out.

After reading the sections “less packaging, less waste” and “give yourself some credit,” I learned why freshness saver bags save on waste water, solid waste and natural resources. Three Sisters uses wind-generated electricity to produce their natural cereals. Now that’s what I call a great cereal company doing more to help the consumer not only eat right for a reasonable price but conscious of how they treat the environment.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that the cereals are nutritious and quite delicious too? Even my finicky hubby liked them. So give them a try. I think you'll love them as much as I do.

For more information, visit threesisterscereal.com.

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