man wants to fight at walmart
This old guy gets all spun up when he is asked to move his pick-up truck from the fire lane at the Super Walmart in Atlanta Texas. Then decides he is going to whoop everybody, and it was all caught on video.
box cutter attacker arrested!
On Christmas Eve, the Texarkana Texas Police Department arrested a 22-year-old woman, her 13-year-old nephew, and 12-year-old niece after an attempted robbery that resulted in an employee being cut with a box cutter and another being bitten.
The Great Waffle War [Video]
We told you earlier about the Waffle Maker riot at a Little Rock Walmart store on Black Friday, and now we have some video of the incident. You can see folks shoving, and fighting for a WAFFLE MAKER!  You can also see a woman that almost fought her way right out of her pants.