Superman is bulletproof, has X-ray vision and can fly across the skyline of Metropolis without a plane. But his alter ego, Clark Kent, is a mild-mannered reporter who, frankly, has had about all that he can take. In Superman issue 13, which hits shelves today, the man from Smallville that we've all come to know and love is making some big life changes...
Amy Adams to Play Lois Lane in ‘Superman’ Reboot
It's a bird, it's a plane ... No, it's another major 'Superman' casting announcement. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams is set to play the coveted role of Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's 'Superman' reboot. “Second only to Superman himself, the question of who will play Lois Lane is arguably what fans have been most curious about," Snyder said in a statement Sun