Perot Theatre

'1964' What a blast!
This past Saturday night my husband John and I went to the Beatles Tribute band '1964' at the Perot Theatre. Oh, what a blast!! Might I add, my husband's perfect timing allowed me to get some pictures with the band before the show!
My First Love, The Beatles [VIDEOS]
Amazon.comAs you probably know, I am a huge Beatles fan! I have been since I was six years old. So, they have practically been a lifelong love, but how I discovered the Beatles was really by a small but funny twist of fate.
You know you're in good hands when you listen to someone who is frequently praised as the 'king' of a particular music genre and has achieved the rare status of 'legend.' This Thursday, Texarkana will be in the presence of music royalty when the King of Blues, B.B. King, arr…
B.B. King captured our hearts long ago with his classic blues guitar riffs and sassy songs. But he has also been mentor to some of the most memorable rock and roll acts in the world.
In this video, you'll watch B.B. perform the classic "Rock Me Baby" with other legends like Eri…