june 10

Time To Clean Up That Lot in Wake Village
Remember the old Jeff Foxworthy joke; "If you've ever mowed your lawn and found a car - you might be a redneck." Well, if that happens in Wake Village, it could cost you a bunch of money, and I don't think that will lead to happy-go-lucky redneck humor.
COVID-19: Texarkana Area Update for Wednesday Afternoon, June 10
Bowie County Emergency Operations Center reports a total of 183 positive COVID-19 cases, with 98 recoveries and 13 related deaths. Cass County has a total of 33 with 30 recoveries and 1 death. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice reports 73 positive cases at the Barry B. Telford Unit. Miller County has 60 total cases, 11 active positive cases, 999 negative results, 48 recovered, 1 death. (Upda