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Christian Bale Also Might’ve Mentored Han Solo
With the announcement that Woody Harrelson would be taking on mentoring duties for Disney and Lucasfilm’s young Han Solo spinoff, the fan theories and casting began in earnest. Harrelson isn’t 100% committed to the movie yet, but come on, are they going to find anyone more perfect for …
'American Hustle' Review
There is so much hair in 'American Hustle.'
Christian Bale's disastrous comb-over/rug combo basically opens the film with a wordless monologue. Beneath that unnatural mop is the sharp mind of Irving Rosenfeld, a “from the feet up” con man making the leap from running legit (but boring) dry cleaning b…
Christian Bale Done With Batman
Say it isn't so! Christian Bale has decided to turn in his Batman suit.
Filming has wrapped up on the latest Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan. "The Dark Knight Rises". It's scheduled to hit theaters this summer.
Christian Bale said, “t’s all …