Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes Get Animated Restoration for November
Doctor Who has been saving Earth long enough that a few episodes have actually been lost to history (and poor storage), but at least one fateful adventure is getting a major update. The BBC will re-release 1966 outing “The Power Of The Daleks” this fall, reconstructed as a six-part animated production with original audio and film clips.
‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary: Watch Peter Capaldi Debut as the 12th Doctor!
Among the monumental developments and reunions of this past Saturday's 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor," longtime fans of the BBC sci-fi series were given a treat, not only in seeing the 12 generations of Time Lords unite for one singular purpose, but also a glimpse into the future as upcoming star Peter Capaldi was given his official 'Doctor Who' debut! Rea
‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Special: David Tennant, But No Others?
Granted, 'Doctor Who' fans were pretty over the moon to learn that David Tennant and Billie Piper would reprise their fan-favorite roles for the upcoming 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special, but such a momentous occasion surely could include other past Doctors as well, right? Not so, according to new sources, but should we really fret the special won't be exciting enough as is?
‘Doctor Who’ 2013 Trailer: What’s In Store for Clara and The Doctor?
Our fun might have come to a momentary end, now that 'Doctor Who' has aired it s 2012 Christmas special 'The Snowmen,' and left us until 2013 for fresh episodes of series 7, ultimately culminating in the long-awaited 50th anniversary special. But why stop with the holiday special, when the BBC also gifted us with a fresh new trailer for the remainder of the season? Clara, Cybermen, and cosmic chao

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