Texas Ballot Has 8 Constitutional Amendments - Which Way To Vote?
Texas/Bowie County has an election coming up next week, Tuesday, November 2 to be exact, and early voting is already underway. In addition to our local Texarkana Mayoral race, did you know there are 8 Texas Constitutional Amendments on the ballot? Do you know what they are, or which way you plan to vote? Let's see if we can help you a bit.
10 Unspoken Rules for Garage Sales in Arkansas - It's Time
I love to go "Garage Sailing," I don't do it a lot, but you can find some very interesting bargains sometimes when you get that wild hair to head out on a weekend G-sailing adventure. That being said, there are some unwritten rules of garage sale etiquette that some folks need to think about and put into practice. Below are some that crossed my mind, you may think of more.
Texarkana-Area COVID-19 Numbers for October 22
Congratulations to all, we are doing a super job getting this virus back under control once again, just hoping no new variants crop up and put new wrinkles in our plans of normalcy. In fact, we're doing so good that this report is going back to weekly instead of twice per week. Let's hope and pray we never see the need to increase it again. Here are your latest COVID-19 numbers for Texarkana and t
Did Any East Texas BBQ Joints Make The Texas Monthly Top 50 List?
Texas Monthly Magazine is out with their 50 Best BBQ Joints in Texas edition today and I have been through the whole list this morning searching for who they think are the best BBQ joints in the state, and, have I been to any of them yet? First, it's a big list and sadly no, I haven't been to any of these... yet.
State Fair of Texas Wraps It for 2021 – 2.2 Million Served
The State Fair of Texas went for over 700 days without filling Fair Park with fair fans, food fans, football fans, and animal lovers of all shapes and sizes. 2.2 Million attended this year's fair in one fashion or another, and below we will run down some of the more interesting numbers for you.

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