Yesterday saw CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery suffer the notable blow of losing showrunner Bryan Fuller at the helm, though with production set to begin next month, cast announcements should nonetheless arrive soon. New reports confirm that the cast will feature a Klingon captain, along with an openly gay actor, new admirals and more.

The same reports of Fuller’s departure had The Hollywood Reporter going a bit more in-depth with some of the Discovery roles to be filled, a few of which have already been cast in secret. In addition to a female Lieutenant Commander as lead, regular cast will include a Klingon captain, at a time when relations between the Federation and Klingons are more than a little touchy:

Sources tell THR that the rest of the cast also will feature an openly gay actor as one of the male leads (which Fuller confirmed), a female admiral, a male Klingon captain, a male admiral, a male adviser and a British male doctor.

Fuller has also previously confirmed that one of the main characters will be openly gay, as well that the cast could include some kind of robot character, but it remains unclear which, if any of the above listings share those descriptions.

Shooting in Toronto, the new 13-episode Star Trek: Discovery is officially said to take place 10 years before Kirk’s original Enterprise mission, as well to be “heavily serialized,” akin to a novel, more-so than an episodic nature. The new series will also feature a non-captain female lead, and explore the fallout of an event referenced, but never seen in the original series.

Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer has also joined alongside Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod, fan-favorite Voyager novel alum Kirsten Beyer, franchise vet Joe Menosky and Heroes writer Aron Coleite. So reads the initial synopsis for the series, which debuts on CBS in May 2017 before moving to All-Access:

The brand-new “Star Trek” will introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966.

Additional details will emerge within the next few weeks, including an updated ship design and casting, but what do we make of Star Trek: Discovery so far?

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