I classify Chickenfoot as a rock supergroup! I think you have to when the band consists of Joe Satriani on guitar, Red Hot Chili Pepper drummer Chad Smith, former Van Halen/Van Hagar members, Michael Anthony, and Sammy Hagar, and everything I have heard from them ROCKS!

The band has finished their second album, and they are calling it "Chickenfoot III".

Sammy told Rolling Stone Magazine, "it's so good, the songs are so tight, it's like we jumped right past having to make a second record."

The 10 track disc hits September 27th (warning: there is a ballad on this one, "Come Closer".)

Here's the track list...
"Last Temptation"
"Alright, Alright"
"Different Devil"
"Up Next"
"Lighten Up"
"Come Closer"
"Three and a Half Letters"
"Big Foot"
"Dubai Blues"
"Something Going Wrong"

Here's a teaser that the band released...