You should never order a vanity license plate. There is no circumstance where anyone has ever looked at a car and said “That’s a nice car but what would really set it apart is a douchey quote missing all the vowels on the plate!”

Just take 351 PMR or whatever they give you and go on about your terrible life.

We went through a mountain of awful plates and found the absolute bottom of the barrel. Some are so offensive it’s shocking that the DMV even approved them.

Enjoy if you can!

  • I’m assuming this is a fan of the South Carolina Gamecocks and not an insistent request to be know

  • Really DMV? You work in Virginia and you couldn’t figure out what a vanity plate that says “AGINA” would spell out?

  • This one is actually kind of great, unless someone else picked it out, which makes it the worst one on the list

  • Gross and illegal to do while you’re driving anyway, pal

  • Maybe he’s a defense attorney and he’s trying to figure out if you’d be tried as an adult if you committed a crime? Probably not

  • This is unfortunate. I’m sure she was very proud of her child getting accepting into NC State, but instead is now proclaiming her love of incest

  • Uh, I can’t figure out what else this could possibly be other than butt love

  • I would have gone with “OOKIE” but to each his own I suppose

  • If this is a guy’s car that’s gross and if this is a girl’s car that’s gross

  • Oh no, what if there’s a hole in the side of this van???

  • What do you mean by first? Like after a nuclear fallout or on Tuesday? This could be terrifying

  • Is Gina a diva or is this a Jamaican female reproductive organ?

  • Seriously? This is how you want everyone on the interstate to know you?

  • NO!

  • Just think how excited this fella was to be able to get this plate before another Brony got it

  • “Can we have a sleepover at your house, Billy?”

  • I take it all back, this is the worst one. I just hope they eventually put this car up for sale and some ultra-conservative grandpa buys it. It could change how his grandchildren look at him forever

  • I like that they had to add “1” onto it because “VA JJ” was taken.

  • Even if you were the star of 2 Girls 1 Cup, would you really want to advertise that?

  • How many of them do you have?? Are you a collector??