Being a fan of a band is often about more than just listening to the music and attending the shows — there's a sense of camaraderie built into supporting your favorite artists alongside thousands of other people, all in it together.

For a number of rock bands, their followings have been established over decades, and sometimes passed down through generations — parents or older siblings passing down albums and creating new fans in the process.

In some cases, the fan bases that have formed have become nearly as famous as the bands themselves. The hoards of screaming girls that chased the Beatles down streets and across airplane tarmacs were once ridiculed for their fanaticism, but in retrospect have been recognized as one of the most important aspects of the Fab Four's rise to worldwide fame — sometimes teenagers really do know what they're talking about.

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Equally as historical are the Deadheads, followers of the Grateful Dead who are instantly identifiable with their tie-dye attire, free-flowing attitude and trippy dance moves. Pious in their devotion to the band, Deadheads have been traversing the country since the '60s, setting up Shakedown Street shop outside venues and spreading the love.

These are two of the best known examples of named fan bases, but there's plenty more in the world of rock. Below, we're taking a look at Rock's Fiercest Fan Bases and Their Names.

Rock's Fiercest Fan Bases and Their Nicknames

A look at the titles bestowed upon only the most loyal of fans.

Gallery Credit: Allison Rapp