In the summer we like to go on vacation, but did you know summer is also the peak time for bed bugs? Another creepy thought is, that bed bug infestations are on the rise across the country and Arkansas is high on the list...Ugh! 

It's not a pretty or happy thought but if you are traveling and plan on staying at a hotel you might want to be careful and examine the room. More on that later.

BBC Studios, YouTube
BBC Studios, YouTube

According to a Terminix study, they listed the top 50 cities in the nation with the most bed bug infestations and some Arkansas and Texas cities are on the list. In a lot of cases the more populated the area is the more chance of bed bugs.

Here Are The Towns in Arkansas With Big Bed Bug Infestations

BBC Studios, YouTube
BBC Studios, YouTube

Little Rock - Pine Bluff

Arkansas' capital Little Rock and Pine Bluff come in at number 15 on Termininx's  National Top 50 List. We can understand Little Rock with so many people traveling to the capital for business or vacation, but Pine Bluff? In most cases, the bed bugs more than likely come in by visitors' clothing and luggage.

BBC Studios, YouTube
BBC Studios, YouTube

Fort Smith-Fayetteville-Springfield-Rogers

These towns are listed at number 34 on the Terminix list. All these areas have been experiencing economic growth, which means bigger populations and more visitors coming to town. Infestation hot spots include homes, businesses, hotels, restaurants, offices, and museums.

Three Texas Towns on the List of Big Bed Bug Infestations are

Dallas Ft Worth came in at #6

Houston at #11

Tyler Longview came in at #41

How to Make Sure You Don't Bring Bed Bugs into Your Home?

Exterminators Tackle Growing U.S. Bed Bug Problem
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There are four things to keep in mind so you don't get bed bugs.

1. Check your sleeping area for any signs of bed bugs.

2. Take precautions. While at the hotel keep your luggage on a hard surface on top of the dresser or table. When you get home keep luggage outside and spray with alcohol or put clothing in the dryer to kill bugs and eggs to avoid introducing bed bugs into your home.

3. Get professional pest control help instead of DIY solutions.
4. If bitten be sure to use the correct medical care and use proper hygiene.

Check out the video about bed bugs below.

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