Do you have the time to listen to me whine about where Green Day's albums should be ranked from 12 to one? But in all seriousness, when a band has a career as creatively fruitful and commercially successful as Green Day's, it's no easy chore coming up with these rankings.

Yes, you know that Dookie and American Idiot will be near the top of the rankings, as the two albums were both among rock history's standout releases, attracting universal critical acclaim, monster album sales and generally propelling Green Day to the top of the music world regardless of genre.

But how do you rank the trio of post-Dookie albums that kept Green Day as rock radio mainstays, broadening their musical palette but also showing enough ties to the album that broke them to a massive fanbase? What of the two pre-Reprise era albums that helped put them on the musical radar of major labels? Are they the caliber of the discs that would come after? And what of the impact of the band's work in their post-American Idiot world? Does 21st Century Breakdown hold up? Should Uno, Dos and Tre receive closer looks even though the band didn't get to properly promote the album trilogy on tour as they had initially planned? It starts to get a little tricky.

Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. Sometimes I flip-flop on what should go at No. 3. It all keeps adding up. I think I'm cracking up. Am I just paranoid or should these Green Day album rankings be set in stone?

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