How to Stop Facebook From Spying on Your 'Off-Facebook' Activity
Have you ever thought how creepy it is when you are looking for something online and then you go to your Facebook page and it starts showing you information on where to buy the item you were just looking at? Basically, Facebook is watching what you do even when you're Not on Facebook! The good news is you can turn that feature off in your settings.
Should Your Pet Wear A Mask For Protection Against COVID-19?
We love our pets, but should our pets wear masks to protect them from COVID-19? I think by now we've all seen someone put a tiny little mask on their dog. There are even companies out there that are selling masks for pets and they are raking in some serious dough. The answer to the question is a simple No and here is why.
These Christmas Movies Are A Must Every Year
Here we go, it's the weekend before Christmas, so there will be a lot of running around town. With COVID this year we are watching more tv and movies than ever before. The great thing is that there are quite a few great Christmas movies to watch. Here are some of my favorites!

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