There are reports and posts being shared on Social Networks regarding the City of Magnolia's Animal Shelter and the appalling conditions that animals are in at the facility.

Metal slab with a tin roof, no walls, air-conditioning, or heat. The facility should hold 12 to 15 dogs, but as you can see in the video below... there were 59 dogs in the facility. The vets that have been treating these dogs are shocked by their conditions. All of the dogs have had sarcoptic mange, most were injured from fighting for food in the facility and almost every one was just skin and bones. Of the 59 dogs removed from this shelter, 3 have died as a result of being in that City owned and operated shelter.


How can you help?

Step 1 is to write an email to the Mayor of the City of Magnolia, Arkansas, and the City Council members asking them to make systemic changes to their animal shelter to ensure that animals are treated humanely. The emails address for the Mayor is below, but please be respectful. I understand your anger, but disrespectful language and threats will only result in your opinions being discounted. You can email the mayor of Magnolia, Arkansas (Parnell Vann) at Again, be respectful.

Step 2 is a bit of a wish list. I have created a petition at which you can see here... This petition is addressed to both President Barack Obama and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and it asks for the creation of a federal standard of care to regulate animal shelters and organizations and the application of the Animal Welfare Act to these shelters and organizations. After years of working in Southern states without shelter standards delineated by law, it is clear to me and those in the field with me that there will be no legislative efforts in individual states and that the time has come to hold shelters to the same minimal standards as the USDA holds breeders to to prevent cruelty to domestic animals. If the states will not act, the federal government must and an extension of the Animal Welfare Act to government-run and private shelters is a logical and simple step to take. If this petition gets 100,000 signatures, the White House will respond. Please sign and share.

Step 3 is for those of a more local bent who want to help directly or for those who want to help financially. All of these dogs need foster homes and time and care. If you are in the middle Tennessee area where these dogs have been removed to, and you want to help care for them or foster, please fill out a foster here: If you would like to donate to help a dog, please do so here”

This rescue is estimated to cost more than $50,000 and their are folks trying to help, any help or donations you can provide would really help these poor dogs.