We got to go out to Red River Army Depot earlier today to participate in the Employee Appreciation Festivities... WE HAD A BLAST!

It was really hot, but it really couldn't have been a nicer day for it. These people were GREAT, and it was a real honor for us to have been invited. To top it all off, at the end of the day, they gave us a really nice plaque, and both me and Sara were shocked. Those people bust their butts everyday supporting, and protecting the lives of the men and women fighting for our freedoms. Sara wanted to give each one of them a plaque, and I wanted to give each one of them a mexican soccer league sized trophy.

Respectfully, thank you, to all of the people working out there, whether they were able to make the picnic or not. We ran into one of our friends on the way out of the park entrance, and he was just getting off shift, but wanted to get a sandwich and cold drink before he left to go home. That made us want to stay longer to shake hands with the folks we missed, so we're sorry if we missed you, we will try to be back next year.

We took a lot of video, but were then informed that all video would have to be seen and approved, or deleted. There were quite a few It took a little while, but here is the footage we are allowed to post.

We really do want to come back next year. We want to enter a boat in the next "Cardboard Regatta"... I think we will go with a cardboard submarine design... but that's CLASSIFIED!