This November the big bucks ain't all in the woods. They are here on the Eagle and at, with the "Eagle 106-3 Big Buck Hunt"!

You can skip the license, the tags, and rifle, all you need is a radio, and a telephone.  Twice every weekday in November we give you a chance to bag a thousand bucks.  When we give you the word, be caller 25 at 1-877-854-WINS, (that's 877-854-9467), and win a $1,000!

We are also giving you a chance to bag TEN THOUSAND BUCKS at the website in the Eagle VIP Rewards Club... (to be drawn for on Monday December 3rd at noon.)

The winning begins on Thursday November 1st!  So, get ready... aim... and listen to win cash in the Eagle 106-3 Buck Hunt on Texarkana's Classic Rock Station!