Texarkana, Texas Police have reported yet another Copper Theft arrest in the city. 

Texarkana Texas Police Officers solved two thefts from the Highland Park area and
arrested Dusty Emfinger, 40, of Texarkana, Texas today for two counts of theft of copper.

Patrol officers took reports in the 800 block of Pine Street and 100 block of College Drive where someone removed the copper gutters from the buildings. These thefts had occurred within days of each other in the latter part of April.

Officer Warren Smith arrested Dusty Emfinger for traffic warrants on May 6 in the Highland Park area. As he spoke to Emfinger, Smith began to suspect that he might have been responsible for those copper thefts. He related his suspicions to Detective Geoff Lewis. Lewis’ investigation later determined that Emfinger had recently sold copper gutters at a local recycling business several times and was also able to match the copper found at the recycling business with that still at the two buildings.

Emfinger was booked into the Texarkana City Jail today on two felony warrants for theft of copper. If convicted, Emfinger could face up to two years in jail and a maximum fine of $10,000.