If you weren't able to tell by the triple digit heat, Summer is here, and already idiots around the country are cooking their dogs alive in hot automobiles.

I witnessed this the other day, and as I was contemplating on what tool to use to bust the window on the car, the owner came out.  I explained that he was just in time, but that I had reported it to the police.  He explained he left the window cracked and was only gone a minute, but it still got me all riled up.

Compare Now recently did a survey asking people what the would do if they saw a dog in a hot car, suffering, and found that 4 percent have broken into a strangers vehicle to rescue a dog in distress. (That's only 1 in 25 people.)  49 percent said they have called the police, and about one third of the people surveyed say that they have witnessed a dog left in a hot car and did nothing (???).

On an 80 degree day, a parked car, even with the windows cracked, will reach a temperature of 102 degrees in 10 minutes. In 30 minutes, the temperature will be 120 degrees.

(If you are going somewhere, and will not be able to keep your dog with you, then don't even take the dog along in the first place.)

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