For years and years there have been surveys asking women to name the most important quality they look for in a guy.  And every time, "sense of humor" wins.  Which, of course, is just a blatant lie.  Under that logic, you know who has the best sense of humor in the world?  Super rich guys.

WELL... it seems that women are getting closer and closer to admitting that, yeah, it's great if you're funny, but they're willing to look past a horrible personality if you've got money.

They won't FULLY admit it yet.  But a new survey puts them closer than ever.  Researchers in Cologne, Germany found that women now say the number one quality a guy has to have is... he can't be POORER than her.

That's playing the semantics game, but the message is clear.  More and more women are working and making better money than ever before.  So while they don't necessarily NEED a rich guy, they don't want to support a poor guy.

The most popular answer women gave for WHY that's the key quality?  They said that too much of a difference in incomes leads to the most stress and confrontation in a relationship.