Usually, stories about women walking around topless are fantastic.  So it's a shame that this one turned out sad.

28-year-old Kristin Macias of Gardner, Missouri, is accused of leaving her nine-month-old daughter alone in her car Monday night while Kristen tried to go into a bar... TOPLESS.

It was almost 90 degrees outside.  So Kristin probably wasn't too hot... what with her lack of shirt... but her baby WAS.

Fortunately, Kristin's nudity caused something of a scene... drew a crowd... and they spotted the baby in the car before anything bad could happen.

Kristin was arrested and charged with endangering a child.

There's no word WHY she was topless or if she was drunk or high at the time... but the prosecutors say she has an unrelated pending charge for HEROIN possession.

(Kansas City Star)