It's election year so when you turn on the news that is all you hear about. Now with the football season officially over, how about mixing the two? Just imagine if only Quarterbacks were running for the big office in D.C.?

That’s what the folks at Reuters/Ipsos did, and their recent survey of 2,475 adults asked which NFL playoff quarterback they would choose for president of the United States in the coming election.

Denver Broncos’ QB Tim Tebow came in first place, snagging almost 30 percent of the total vote. Eli Manning finished runner up, just edging Tom Brady and Drew Brees, who finished third and fourth respectively.

One caveat though: This poll was taken right before the Super Bowl, and now that Eli has snagged his second Super Bowl MVP, it stands to reason he could best Tebow for the White House. He’d certainly win New York’s vote.