This trucker was traveling along and was passed at a high rate of speed by a police officer talking on a cell phone... So, Brian pulled him over and called him out. This is what happened.

At first, Brian tells the officer in Illinois the he was speeding on wet roads while talking on a cell phone, and the officer tells him that police are allowed to use technology then threatens to give Brian a ticket for unlawful use of the horn, Miner tells the officer that he is being recorded, and the officer snaps back that he is recording too. He takes Miners log book, license and info back to his cruiser and returns to the truck with a whole new attitude and informs Miner that he would not get a ticket, and that he completely passed inspection with "no violations" and said,

About the use of the horn, I honestly wasn't paying attention to my speed, and you were just trying to help me out. You were trying to help me drive safe"

However, he would not admit to using his cell phone. Still, he sort of apologized.