A couple of days ago we heard the story about the toddler that was placed in a laundromat washing machine. As we already know, the boy is safe, but turns out the man that put the child in the washer wasn't his father. It was the babysitter's friend!

Even worse, the family didn't know about this until they saw it on the news!


WMAR in Baltimore caught up with the child's mother:

“I was mad 'cause you shouldn't put a kid in the washer. At the same time, he was just playin’ around.”

As for the baby-sitter, mom says she won't be babysitting any more. Meanwhile back at the laundromat, the owner says she knows it's ridiculous but she's actually thinking of putting up signs to protect herself from liability that read “do not put kids in washers.“


Wow that might be even scarier! To be a parent and find out about this on the news? I think we can go ahead and award these people with the Worst Babysitter of The Year Award.