The Texas Department of Transportation has announced a change in traffic pattern in Hooks.Spur 594 (22nd Street) in Hooks, Texas is changing from one-way to two-way traffic. The frontage road on the north side of Interstate 30 between Spur 594 and FM 560 is changing from two-way to one-way (westbound only). New on-ramps opening from Spur 594 to I-30. Off-ramps from I-30 to Spur 594 remain closed and unfinished.

These changes to traffic patterns are being made today (Monday June 18th). If you have any questions about the new traffic patterns or construction work you can call the TxDOT  Texarkana Area Office at (903) 838-8574 for more information.

Officials urge you to drive carefully in the area until people become familiar with the new traffic patterns.