If you are going to throw a Super Bowl Party, you want it to be good, right? We are about to make you a Super Bowl Party BOSS with these tips to make your blow out one of the best ever!


There will of course be the Football diehards that are all about the game no matter the teams. Football fans who's team didn't even make the game, but they are into the game. Then there are Super Bowl fans that want everyone to shut the hell up during the commercials. Our advice TWO ROOMS. That way people focused on the game can focus on the game and talk during the ads, and those that want to pay attention to the Budweiser Clydesdales can.

No Kids

Strongly hint to your guests that its an adult party, but it can almost be impossible to get a sitter on Super Bowl Sunday. That means, if you invite a bunch of people, somebody is probably going to end up bringing a kid or two because they don't want to miss your party. Try to have another room, and move your game console in there to give them some entertainment and keep them out of everybody's way... because we told you, "It's an ADULT party".

Make Sure You Have a Good Tube


This should be obvious. If you don't know why, then you should not even attempt a party of this awesomeness. Most of the people that come to your Super Bowl Party, are going to at least want to see something on the television. I read that the average Super Bowl party has 17 people. Make sure you have more than one T.V. but the most important aspect of multiple televisions is making sure they are all timed together. If there is a lag in the audio because of your digital DVR or Receiver thingamajig then people watching in one room will say, cheer before the end of the play on the set in the other room, and that is Just WRONG!

A Butt-load of Food

It's the Super Bowl - so you need SUPER FOOD. You MUST have salty, spicy, fat, greasy, light, sour and sweet. You will need pizza, wings, and all sorts of barbecued things. You will want a few different dips and an assortment of chips. Don't cheap out... Get a LOT!

A Few Light Beers Alone could get you Super-Slapped

To wash down the feast of Super Bowl foods you will need a wide assortment of beer, Like a six pack of every different beer at Walmart or at least a 12-pack of four different kinds beers. Not everybody is going to be drinking alcohol (always have designated drivers and treat them like friggin' royalty), Get an assortment of sodas, and 'round here Sweet Tea is always a good bet. You will want to give the kids water, because you don't want them staining your furniture with kool-aid. Unless you are using the kool-aid to mask the Nyquil... KIDDING!


Seriously, even a kid could figure this one out. Food, Drink... the facilities will be tried. You MUST have at least TWO working bathrooms, and for Heaven's sake... CLEAN THEM before the party, and make sure they are well stocked, with toilet paper, soap, and trust us, Air Freshener. If you at least have a small radio in their so a guest won't miss the game will be really cool.

Make Your Own Super Bowl Bets

Keep the party itself interesting, create a betting pool. Bets like, who will spill first, (it's going to happen), be creative, which couple will argue first, or who's kids are going to cause the most problems... Again it's an ADULT party.

Clean it Up

You know it's going to be a Super MESS. Don't even think about taking on this huge responsibility before you have stocked up on trash bags, paper towels and cleaning products of all types. Expect it, and be prepared.

Backup, Backup, Backup

Hope for the best and plan for the worst. You need a back-up for everything... Spare TV's. Get antenna service lined out before the game, just in case your satellite or cable goes out. Get the closest, fastest pizza delivery place on speed dial, in case those dang kids come in and knock over the buffet table. Have a backup for EVERYTHING, and get a case of Old Milwaukee's Best beer too. (That way when the game is over and folks are still hanging out, and you want them gone, work in the bad beer, and Bob's your uncle.)

Stick to these simple guidelines and your party will be a success. Have fun, and enjoy the game!.