Did you realize today July 1 is the first day of the second half of 2014?It seems we just got finished with Christmas a couple of months ago, and we are already in the second half of this year, unbelievable. I believe the old adage that time seems to speed up the older you get may be right.

When I was a kid, summertime seem to stretch out for a long time. Even longer seemingly, was the school year. But now that I am an adult with school age children, it all seems to be flying by at warp speed.

I don't care for the heat of summer so it's ok with me if we get to fall quickly, but overall I would not mind things slowing down a bit. Guess I'm like any other parent, don't want my kids to grow up too quickly.

But get ready, Fourth of July is this Friday and before you know it a new school year will begin, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and presto we will be back to Christmas again. But I'm telling you it want seem like a whole year has passed.