I'm not sure how my "blog bosses" may feel about this post, but they want me to be more "personal".

I posted some video and posted about the news of the Tornado of 5/20 earlier when it was breaking, but as it's getting later, and I have been watching the news about Moore Oklahoma, I am sad. I am not going to post anymore today about it after this. For everyone of those kids, I have ached.

I don't want to see photos of the devastated schools anymore. I cannot watch anymore of the live video feeds. I keep hoping for a ray of hope, even just a glimmer and it is sad. I have heard positive aspects, like how those elementary school teachers, shielded the children of others with their bodies. They were HEROES that attempted mighty things... and I believe that many children would not have survived if not for the actions of their teachers. I should look at that as positive. Children did survive at those schools, I KNOW that's positive, right? There are people trapped in rubble and I keep hoping, but it is all so sad.

I watch my twitter a lot, and I saw a tweet just a little while ago from one of the Oklahoma T.V. stations that was looking for a child's parents. It was a message to Keith and Melanie Thompson. It said that their 3-year-old was waiting for them at St. Anthony's Heath Plex and to call 272-7955. That's a positive... that little baby is alive, and I wonder if it's parents are. Would they call that number, did they have their phones with them? Can they hear the message, has somebody told Keith and Melanie? Did they make it?

I think maybe it's that I know this story is going to get sadder, and there will be another tragedy somewhere. Another tornado, or some other tragic loss of life will happen and be in the news. Then people will go back to bickering about politics, religion, and sex. None of which changes the fact that it is all sad, just sad... but we won't quit on our people.

Dead or alive, we don't give up on our people. That's just how our people are. We are going to find ways to help out when tragedy strikes, to pitch in, to help someone somehow, we will find a way. We will raise money, we will pray, we will send some supplies if needed. I can honestly say, the people closest to me, would love to go help out in person if given the chance, we will all help... that's how our people are, but tonight a lot of us are just going to be sad about it, and we will go to work on it tomorrow. Then we will do what we can, where we can, however we can.

I will continue to keep hope and look for the positives no matter how small. Search teams from all over the United States are searching. I know that Electric workers from our area are on their way to Moore now. I already know that the people that can in Oklahoma are taking people into their homes, and they are giving them clothes, food, and shelter. I know that more than a hundred people are being treated in hospitals by many hundreds of nurses, and doctors that came from all parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas, and will get back in their vehicles and go to another place they have never been to help someone that they would have never met, if they need to. That's positive, right?

If you are reading this, I want you to know that I appreciate you... even if my random writings are our only connection I want to say thanks for letting me share my feelings.