offers something for everyone in the market for a new car. Whether you're looking for the latest in plug-in supercars or mass-produced hypermilers, you're likely to find it within Cobo Hall, the convention center located in the cold, barren tundra that is downtown Detroit.

The reality of the ongoing recession may have stalled car sales in the U.S. market, but Americans still purchased or leased more than 11 million vehicles last year, and by most indications, the economy still has plenty room to grow in 2011. With gas prices on the rise, the spotlights and flashbulbs again turn to electrics, hybrids, and electric-hybrids. This year, the Toyota Prius finally gets plug-in electric capability, Mercedes-Benz showcases its version of an electric sports car, and Porsche promises to bring a car that's "spectacular."

Others are noteworthy for their designs. The upcoming Chrysler 300, a revamped version of Chrysler's iconic rear-wheel-drive sedan, is arguably the most important result of parent company Fiat's work, and its reception in Detroit should prove a bellwether for sales. Ford will introduce a seven-passenger mini-minivan for the masses. Check out the following list of the most significant new models, or click "Next" below to read about them all.