The Eagle is 17 years old today! Too young to vote, but old enough to get in a lot of trouble!

Hard to believe that when the Eagle first went on the air in 1995, most of us were just learning the internet and the fax machine was the fastest and greatest thing on earth, HA! We didn't have Facebook, Twitter or smart phones! Wow, times have changed and The Eagle has too, technology wise that is.  Just think, back in 1995 you couldn't log on to our website, because there wasn't one! You couldn't get updates from The Eagle on Facebook or TwitterListen to us online? No, that wasn't an option, it wasn't even an idea we could comprehend at the time!

Did you know you can follow all of us at The Eagle on Twitter? Yeah, we're learning it as we go too!

One thing is for sure, technology is constantly changing and we will adapt! So, if you aren't on Twitter following us yet, it's time to dive in.  Consider it a birthday present to The Eagle!

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